Bank Holidays and Bounce Back.....

As we come to the end of our first May Bank Holiday weekend of 2021 here's hoping that you've all enjoyed some quality time with your friends and family in the barmy British outdoors!

I've had a wonderful time celebrating Steve's birthday, catching up with family we haven't seen in 18 months and challenging myself on a 40 mile bike ride. All of course whilst trying to shelter from the rain/hail storms and avoiding today's icy winds.

So apologies that this newsletter is a little late in the day.... but here it is none the less, with up-

dates on how the situation looks for our classes as we move into May.......


Excitingly.. . if all goes to plan ... from May 17th we should get the go ahead to start returning some of our classes back into community venues again! Yippee!

Until then however, the next two weeks remain fully online with the following programme:

All sessions are now up on Gymcatch and ready for you to book into via Stripe (PAYG) or using your 'online' class passes (providing 10% discount per session).

Then ... from May 17th we move to a hybrid situation, with some classes staying online whilst others, all being well, bounce back into the community ....

Again these are all on gymcatch ready to be booked into but please note that prices do differ for community classes versus online. Therefore the 'online' class passes are only valid for online classes and the 'venue based' passes can only be used for community based classes. Hope that makes sense!

Also please note a few changes that I have had to make to the community timetable to accommodate venues not being available etc...

  • Burn 'n' Firm will at first return to Upton Community Hall (not St Columbas) and will start promptly @ 9.30am. There will be no refreshments/social gathering/weight management time during May, just 1 hour exercise.

  • Tuesday pilates sessions will both run at Hoole Community Centre (not St Columbas) and have been classified as 'intermediate/moderate pace' @ 11.30am and 'beginner/slower paced' @ 1.30pm. For the 1st two weeks both sessions can be booked as a one off class @ £6 (not as a course) and are classed as refresher sessions, particularly suitable for those of you who have been unable to join in online classes. 'Venue based' class passes will therefore be eligible for use on these sessions.

  • Wednesday evening pilates @ Upton URC will start at the slightly later time of 8pm to ensure cleaning time following the BodyBlast class.

  • Wednesday evening BodyBlast will be an exercise only class with no weight management/ group support time allocated at present.

We are led to believe that social distancing rules will still very much be in place in the community settings until mid June therefore class numbers are once again limited and your place in class MUST be pre-booked via Gymcatch. Cancellations are of course possible and you will be refunded if notice is given two hours or more before the session start time.


And for those of you who will once again find committing to online or community based classes a problem during May, I will once again provide the 'on demand' classes via our 'Exercise Club' and 'Pilates' private Facebook groups.

Please buy the appropriate May package from gymcatch to cover your needs....and I'll get you invited to the relevant group.


Unfortunately, I'm again limited to what I can offer in terms of a walk/run club in May therefore please continue to make your informal arrangements in your small groups.

It is my plan to kickstart 'formal' running groups off again @ the beginning of June by starting a new 0-5K group running for 9 weeks (Thursdays @ 9.30am). If you might be interested in signing up to this please do get in touch.


So ... if we haven't seen you in a while here's hoping that in these next few weeks we finally get to again!

If you're still a little tentative...don't worry...join us when you feel rush.

I'm always happy for you to contact me to chat over any concerns or questions - so do get in touch.

Keeping everything crossed for May 17th

Di x