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FitSteps® TONE combines the elegance and grace of the FitSteps® moves we know and love with toning and balance exercises.

FitSteps® TONE is a low impact toning workout designed to strengthen the whole body, with an emphasis on muscles used to support the hips, knees and ankles to aid balance.


With the addition of using a small, circular resistance band in some of the routines it also brings an awareness to posture, as well as strengthens the muscles of the back, shoulders and upper arms.

With routines set at a slower pace than the traditional Fitsteps class, there are opportunities for mindfulness throughout the session and it makes the workout more accessible to a wider audience.


These classes are currently only available online (via Zoom) and are timetabled in 6 week blocks (please check timetable) 

Circular resistance bands are required to participate in the class and can be purchased via Class Fitness.