My New Year's Resolutions 5 years ago: to lose weight and to run 5k. My New Year's resolutions 4 years ago: to lose weight and to run 5k. 3 years and 2 years ago, the same, still failing. But last year I joined Class Fitness and things, including me, changed. With Class Fitness there's no yo-yoing. You want to run 5k to raise money for MacMillan nurses in memory of a lovely friend but you've never, ever, not once, run before? Let's get started! It took me over a year, but with Di's guidance and support, I did it! You want to lose weight? I did! Yes, I've lost weight before, joined every diet club you can think of but it never lasted because the diet was always seen as a battle – members might win the battle but they were always going to lose the war. Class Fitness, though, aims to change your mindset. Di will give you the information, the support, the motivation but teaches you that you are in charge, making the decisions. That's very empowering. You choose your goal, you choose your classes – a fantastic range of types, days and times to suit everyone, including walk/run session every Thursday morning which always ends at a coffee bar – and enjoy the round of applause when you reach your goal, whatever it is! (ps Di organises a pretty damn good Xmas do, too!)

Mary Ann, Chester

I joined class fitness about 18 months ago, and I have stuck at it, the reasons being are the people, the members are all kind caring friendly and supportive of each other, never met that at a club before. The Instructor Di is fab, she is interested in everybody, listens makes people welcome and offers a role model to the members, she also provides great varied exercise programmes no week is the same, so you never get bored as you do with some classes that I have been to previously. As an added bonus I learnt to run albeit only a mile or just over a mile to be precise, a great achievement at nearly 70yrs thanks to Di for giving me that confidence and my running / walking buddies. Finally classes are a real good price too.

Pat H, Chester

I cannot speak highly enough of Class Fitness. All classes are such fun and there is something to suit everyone. As an instructor Di is so full of bounce she rivals even Tigger, yet remains always professional and totally supportive. Her positive approach inspires everyone and classes are always adaptable to enable participation by members of every ability, level of fitness and health status. I've been attending for four years now, am stones lighter, and have been supported through major surgery. The weight loss and fitness programme is focussed on personal goals and nutritional advice is research based and realistic to follow. Finally, there are social events which cement the friendships made within the group.

Pat R, Chester