And We're Back!

Thank you to everyone that has joined me back in LIVE community classes since re-opening the doors on May 18th. Wonderful as Facebook and Zoom are, there is nothing like having the energy of 'real' people back in the room exercising/dancing together. It's been great seeing all your smiling faces beaming back at me and how lovely it has been not having to tell folks that they are 'on mute' all the time!!! I do hope that those of you who have taken the plunge enjoyed the experience too and felt 'safe' with our COVID guidelines in place.

Here's hoping then that we're now 'Back' for good and I'm and keeping everything crossed that from June 21st we may even see further restrictions lifted and get to see a few more of you returning.


Taking things a month at a time:

If you have taken a look at our booking platform gymcatch, you'll notice that I'm sensibly taking a cautious approach and only timetabling classes a month at a time presently. That way if restrictions change or if we have a Test and Trace alert from one of our groups etc there will be less upheaval in cancelling/changing sessions.

I've also decided to run all sessions as PAYG style too, meaning that no-one is expected to commit to a course booking currently. In the past couple of weeks it's easy to tell that folks need a little bit of flexibility currently as the world starts to slowly please just book into the sessions that you can attend, as and when!

So, June's timetable is now fully uploaded and can be booked via the Gymcatch booking platform:

Please note ..I'm not taking a Half Term holiday in the first week of June this year as I didn't want to upset the flow of getting things back up and running again - so if you're around please do book in!

Here's how things shape up this month, recognising the continued hybrid model of community and Zoom classes being available:

A couple of things to note about bookings:

  • Please remember to book into every 'community' class that you wish to attend and not only buy a class pass. Unless you book into sessions you do not show up as an attendee and therefore can't be guaranteed a place if you turn up to a venue whilst numbers remain limited.

  • Class Passes are available for both 'in venue' and 'online' classes giving you 15% and 10% discount respectively on 10 classes. This is the best way to buy your classes if you plan to do a few as they obviously save you money and you only need to 'Buy' once, therefore speeding up the booking process.

  • When booking your classes you are currently being asked to complete a new, electronic health and well-being form. PLEASE do complete this form rather than skip over that part. Having not seen many of you for some months it is vitally important that you update our records and if needs be we can discuss the implications of any new conditions. If you are having trouble with the electronic version then please just shout!

  • Cancellations are allowed on both Zoom and Venue Based classes, entitling you to a refund which will be in the form of a class pass to be used on future bookings. This however is only valid if you give at least 2 hours notice of your cancellation using the gymcatch app (I'm afraid I'm going to have to get a bit stricter on this). So if your plans change (which I recognise they are doing so at the moment as there is so much more opening up etc) please get straight onto the app and cancel. Giving as much notice as possible means that others can be notified of the space and get themselves booked in. On Zoom classes don't forget, your alternative option is to keep your booking and receive the recorded class by email afterwards - please just let me know to record.

  • If you have an old style class pass, or have and 'online' class pass that you would like to trade in for a current 'in venue' class pass please get in touch and this can be arranged.


On demand classes

Our 'on demand' classes available through the 'exercise club' and 'pilates' Facebook groups continue to be available to you throughout June should you wish to use them. However, as my focus now shifts to getting the community classes up and running again, please note that these groups will not be receiving regular new content and there will no longer be LIVE sessions broadcast. All current content will remain though.

To reflect this change, monthly membership prices are reduced to £10 per group or £15 for the two.

June Packages are now available to purchase on Gymcatch



It's been wonderful getting the pilates classes back into venues again and being able to see folks moving 'in full', not just seeing a shoulder or ankle popping up on screen. And our experience back in Hoole Community Centre is all the bit better with their brand new floor in action! Check out some of the positive comments I've been hearing in community classes already:

"I work so much harder when I'm in front of you'

"I lost my mojo on Zoom, it's good to be back"

"I feel so much better just after that one session, it's really lifted my mood"

"That's done my back the world of good"

If you've not yet made the return, or you are thinking about joining a session then this is a great opportunity to do so. All sessions are currently standalone (ie not part of a course) and are designed to gradually get you back into the swing of things.

We currently have places available in our 2 'Improvers' classes (suitable for those of you with some previous pilates experience who can tolerate a moderately quick paced session):

Tuesdays 11.30am @ Hoole Community Centre

Wednesdays 8pm @ Upton United Reformed Church

So please do book onto these via the gymcatch app.

Our Gentle/Beginners Class, Tuesdays, 1.30pm @ Hoole Community Centre is already well subscribed however and is likely to have a waiting list on some sessions. Should this situation continue, it is possible that I may add a 2nd 'Gentle/beginners' class to the weekly 'in venue' timetable going forward. So please do keep booking in so I can gauge the interest. And please remember, if you you can't attend this session, please cancel in good time to allow others the opportunity to fill the space.

And don't forget you can still get your fix of pilates on Zoom, Mondays at 11am (mixed ability) or perhaps give Barre Pilates a go, Fridays @ 11am on Zoom (this month incorporating upper body strength work too with small weights).


Couch to 5K

As was mentioned in the last newsletter, it was my hope that I would get a new Couch to 5K, 9 week course off the ground and up and running in June/July.

However, like so many of you, I've found that I now have numerous demands on my time over the coming weeks and I won't be able to fully commit to a weekly training session with folks.

Nonetheless, we do have a few interested ladies who would still like to go ahead and sign themselves up to the 9 week challenge (the NHS Couch to 5K, available to download on the App store) and who are motivated to make this happen.

So... we are kicking things off with a structured, 'Run Leader' led session (with Di) on Thursday 3rd June, 9.30am @ New Scene car park, Limewood Fields, Newton

This session will be a FREE one hour session, which will not only incorporate the week 1, Run 1, 20min run/walk session but will also provide training on warming up, cooling down, strength exercises to do alongside running sessions and what to look for in appropriate clothing and footwear.

If you'd like to be a part of this FREE event, please do book your place on the Gymcatch app. (Even though it's FREE I still need to have numbers and participants details to be COVID compliant).

You will then be left for a couple of weeks to get going with the programme (training x3 times per week as per the app guidelines) and I will re-convene the group on Weeks 3, 6 and 9 @ 9.30am Thursday to check on progress and provide additional training and support as distances progress (locations to be confirmed and posted on gymcatch).

This is an excellent opportunity to meet up with other like-minded ladies who are 'up' for a summer challenge.

Do get in touch or book yourself in for this week's 1st session if you interested.


Does that answer all your questions about June and what's on offer?

I hope so, but I've probably missed a whole host of things off, especially as my 1st attempt at writing this got wiped off my computer just before posting.. Aarggggh!!!!

Anyhow.. you know where I am so please just ask away.....

Can't wait to to see more of you return as the weeks go on.

All good wishes