Roadmap out of lockdown

Well spring is definitely in the air and we have at last been given a road map of how to come out of lockdown restrictions!

Things are looking POSITIVE

In terms of community classes however, we still have a couple of stages to successfully get through before we can see a re-emergence. The earliest date for these to return is May 17th. We also need to liaise with a couple of venues about returning as some are currently vaccination hubs!


So the plan here at Class Fitness is to continue working with you ONLINE until this date making sure that you are in a healthy state to return to face to face! (Those of you who haven't been joining us online, is this the time to make a concerted effort and join in with a few ZOOM sessions? You don't want to be the one huffing and puffing through that first class back do you?)

The March timetable will therefore look very similar to February :

1 hour, Single classes are £4 PAYG but just £3.60 if you buy and pay via an online 10 class pass

45min sessions are £3.60

Fitsteps TONE 4 week course is JUST £12 for the entire 4 weeks

Mixed Ability Pilates 5 week course is JUST £17 for the full 5 weeks

And....The beauty of ZOOM classes means it is always possible to record and share the class with you if for any reason you cannot attend last minute! So don't be put off buying into the classes/courses if they sound appealing! They are a good deal aren't they!


Still not in a position to use ZOOM or get to the classes at the timetabled time?

Once again we have the privilege of bringing you the 'on demand' Facebook groups which of course are ever increasing in content:

All you have to do to join/remain in these groups is buy the relevant 'PACKAGE' from and befriend me (Diane Harris) on Facebook. I can then add you into the private group (s).

Please note that without re-subscription on 1st March, current members will loose access.


Of course, before May 17th there will also be a lessening of restrictions on meeting outdoors. Therefore it is my hope that our running/walking groups will be able to manage some 'informal', small group (up to 6 max) get togethers as guidance allows.


Speaking of get togethers, please do feel free to hop onto one of the 3 ZOOM coffee and chat sessions I have planned in March. It would be lovely to welcome a few more faces to chat over anything happening currently...we don't just talk nutrition & exercise! Also a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have about classes etc?


And looking ahead a little....

Just to let you know in advance that I shall be taking a two week break in April to celebrate Easter and re-charge with the family. So there will be no LIVE classes in the weeks commencing 5th and 12th April. We should have been soaking up the sun in Mallorca but 'Ourgate' it is again! Fingers crossed for continued UK sun at least.


Hope you're all outdoors enjoying this fine day!

Look forward to exercising with you again soon