Unprecedented Times!

Well what a week that has been! How are you all? I hope that you're all doing OK. I can't believe it was just Monday when we were guided by Government to limit group interaction to avoid spreading the Coronavirus but by Friday ALL bars, restaurants, theatres, schools and GYM's etc were asked to close their doors for the foreseeable!

Obviously we are 100% behind keeping are community safe and believe these measures to be absolutely necessary, therefore all Class Fitness 'face to face' classes were suspended until further notice from Tuesday.

BUT....we totally appreciate that exercise and community are key ingredients to helping us all manage these unprecedented times of social distancing and self-isolation.

So, I wanted to re-assure you all that Class Fitness will continue to be here for you in the coming months in a 'virtual' capacity!

Where possible, I will continue to deliver our usual weekly schedule of classes 'on-line' using a mixture of Facebook 'lives', recorded content on Facebook and YouTube and 'live' meetings on Zoom. Pilates, Fitsteps, Body Blast and Burn 'n' Firm sessions will all be included...plus mini tutorials, nutritional tips, mindfulness/relaxation and other content to keep our spirits lifted and our motivation high.

These virtual sessions will commence on Tuesday 24th March when I shall be inviting you to join me on my 'closed' Class Fitness Members Facebook page to a 'LIVE', support group and 'Burn n Firm' class starting @10am.

The remaining weekly timetable details and how to subscribe to these online groups will all be posted out on our website, Class Fitness Facebook page and through emails to members/ subscribers over the coming days.

BUT....in the meantime

If you are wanting to join our 'virtua'l Class Fitness community I need you to do the following over the next couple of days:

1. Make sure you have a basic Facebook profile set up so you can be invited to the groups (there are plenty of 'How to' guides on line or maybe get a tech savvy relative to talk you through it). Then send me a Facebook friend request (Diane Harris not Class Fitness).

2. Head over to https://zoom.us/ to start getting familiar with the meeting platform we'll be using for some classes. I'll be 'hosting' these meetings so you don't need to subscribe to any packages but before using it for the first time you will be prompted to download the software to your computer (if using a computer) or you'll need to download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app from the app store (if using an ipad or phone).

(This is what the app looks like)

3. Let me know if you're interested in joining us and make sure that I have your updated email address to maintain contact.

I'm sure there will be many laughs over these coming weeks whilst we all get to grips with what we are doing but just think how tech savvy we'll all be by the end of it!!!

Can't wait to see you in our new 'virtual' world

Di x